A Hand-Powered Table Saw Offers Electricity-Free Precision (Video)

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Image credit: Bridge City Tool Works

When I pondered the question of whether we need to embrace the sacred to survive peak oil, I confessed to not being the most practical man in the world. But that doesn't mean I don't know the value of a good tool. And from hand-powered log splitters, through hand-cranked blenders, to a hand-powered chainsaw (yes, really!), there are a surprising number of human-powered alternatives to power tools out there. This latest one, to my untrained eye, looks like a winner. Who wouldn't want a hand-powered table saw?

Found via Keith Johnston over at Permaculture and Regenerative Design News, the Jointmaker Pro Saw is a completely electricity-free cutting tool that supposedly provides the accuracy of a table saw with none of the noise, along with a greatly reduced risk of injury.

Created by Bridge City Tool Works and made entirely in the USA, this thing is likely to be of interest both to precision-oriented wood workers, not to mention the peak oil survivalists wanting to prepare for power down. But be warned, the Jointmaker Pro is not cheap—at retail price it will set you back $1,295. For those more practical than myself who want to know more about the detailed specs, here's a little teaser from the Bridge City catalog:

The Jointmaker Pro v2 (patent pending) is a hybrid device, a hand saw that employs custom Japanese saw blades offered in crosscut and rip grinds. The blade quickly attaches to a spine which is part of the blade adjustment carriage. The blade moves up and down via a hand-crank on the front of the machine and features an independent pitch adjustor. This combination allows for perfect crosscuts up to six inches in width and in material up to 1-3/4" thick. Small cross-sections like small moldings and dowels can be cut in one pass; the size of larger cross-sections and the hardness of wood will determine the number of passes for a through cut. In either case, the cut is unbelievably smooth and true. The kerf is only .021"-- it is phenomenally efficient. It comes with one crosscut blade.

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