A Future for Recycled Oil Drums

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Furniture made out of recycled materials is hardly new to TreeHugger. But here is a French designer's collection that includes tables, chairs, barbeques, shelves and lights--all made from recycled oil drums. Starting with your basic dented and rusted abandoned oil drum, the possibilities are endless. The first one was created from an industrial barrel and supermarket trolley wheels in 2003 and the creator, Francois Royer, then went on to develop new models and prototypes for furniture. The pieces combine aesthetics and respect for the environment in one useful and decorative object.

The basic Stanker is a one-off, unique table, using recycled materials. The name and model number corresponds to the size of the original barrel. The variations are endless and innovative--one model uses the lid of the barrel as a table surface and Louis XV style legs are added. Another barrel is made into a shelving unit and yet another is a chair.

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The other part of the company, Motxo, is equally innovative in its use of materials. There is a light table made out of an old washing machine drum with supermarket trolley wheels.

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We love the pencil holder made out of nuts and bolts. There is a stool made out of a bicycle seat and a mechanical spring. Stanker Design Via : Financial Times
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