A Full House For Cameron Sinclair at Idea Festival


The AMD Open Architecture Challenge was launched online to the waiting world yesterday and today, at 1pm, Cameron Sinclair will be taking it live to over 800 people at the Idea Festival at the Kentucky International Convention Center. His is the first sold out talk of the festival and everyone has come to hear him talk about the amazing work that AFH and OAN are doing. He will concentrate on the launch of AFH's first design competition in three years, the AMD Challenge, and the exciting projects proposed by the three selected community partners on three continents. Things are going full steam ahead this afternoon as the AFH LA chapter launches the competition at 2 pm at the Wired Next Fest. It doesn't stop there however, as this project it truly global, tomorrow morning AFH's Kate Stohr will be launching the AMD Challenge at the Sustainable City Symposium in Malmo, Sweden. As Cameron says "It is time to design like you give a damn."

TreeHugger is proud to be a media sponsor for the AMD Open Architecture Challenge. Stick with us as we follow the competition's progress over the next few months and find out more about the communities involved and why and how you can make a difference by entering. ::AMD Open Architecture Challenge