A French Designer Brings Out Some Remarkable Wood Furniture

olivier-dolle-bookshelf photo

Photos: Nicolas Scordia, J.P. Cervel, via OlivierDollé.com

There's something great about wood furniture- it's solid, aesthetically pleasing, and has a lot of green potential, if it comes from reclaimed or sustainable sources. French designer and architect Olivier Dollé has come out with a line of wood furnishings that help remind us exactly where the wood they're made of comes from.


Dollé, who was born in the French Alps and now works in Paris, describes himself as an artisan with a belief in the old way of doing things:

I offer you a range of products that link the artisan to today's design. I use this know-how through the means of new technologies particular to this profession. A line in which every piece is authentic, upmarket, created with quality materials and made by the "hands of an artisan."

There's no mention on Dollé's website about the origin of the wood he uses; knowing that the furniture comes from reclaimed or sustainable sources would make this line a whole lot sweeter. But the pictures alone are great to look at, especially the bookshelf in the shape of a tree- a clever way to evoke the nature that, despite all our modern technology, still provides us with the materials we need for our daily lives.

Via Reflex-Deco Blog
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