A Folding Kitchen Inaugurates the Field of Existential Design


All Images Courtesy of Goran Bjelajac

On TreeHugger, we've featured some pretty crazy ways to save space, from showering in the living room to hiding your bed on the ceiling. But what about the kitchen? How to pack the fridge, sink, dishwasher, counter, and oven into a tight space? The answer, it turns out, is to fold them up.

But is it still a kitchen?


This isn't the first folding kitchen we've featured: last year, Lloyd showed us a design by Florida Kitchens, wherein a stove top counter slides into another counter when not in use, effectively cutting the consumed space in half.

But this design from Goci, the work of Goran Bjelajac, takes things to a whole other level. It's not one counter that disappears, it's an entire kitchen that can downsize and fit in your closet. Which means that the kitchen is no longer a room to fill with furniture: it's furniture in and of itself.

Is Goci's design still a kitchen? Does this mean the kitchen is dead? To avoid getting into existentialism, I don't think it matters to much: no utility is lost, lots of space is gained. So put it in your bedroom, in your living room, or, for you studio-dwellers, in the room.

Bjelajac's kitchen includes a refrigerator, an oven, a dishwasher, a stove top and a sink, all of which are mounted on panel screens. As the images demonstrate better than I can explain in words, the Goci design lets you fold your kitchen how you like. Whether you want more counter space or less, and L-shaped setup or a straight one, all you need to do is give it a little push. And if you're ordering in, just fold it all up and put it out of the way.





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