A Different Kind of Stacking Chair from Jun Murakoshi


TreeHugger loves stackable chairs -- and we've seen some good ones, from stackable versions of classic designs, to one made from recycled car parts, to a couple inspired by a tree trunk -- since they help us get stuff up and out of the way when not in use. Stackers make for good use of space and allow us to do more with less room; all good things. Designer Jun Murakoshi has found one caveat to this sensibility, though: "Almost all stacking chairs will lose a reason for their existence if they are stacked; they will become something that we want to put away."

As a response to that, Shelving Chair was born; as its name suggests, it is shelving and storage first, and a chair second. Use it to stack books or albums or whatever you want shelved; when it's dinner party-time and you need more seating, the shelves come down and you've got extra chairs. Smart. Hit the jump for another pic. ::Jun Murakoshi Design via ::pan-dan


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