A Desk for Kids Multitasks and Transforms As They Grow


All Images Courtesy of Guillaume Bouvet

You want your kid to have a desk that fits her, to do homework, play and draw. You also want your kid to grow up, eventually. But you don't want to buy a new desk every few years as she outgrows the old one. So here's a solution to the age-old dilemma, one that avoids the unnecessary waste of money and materials. It's the "AZ Desk," a design by Guillaume Bouvet that transforms not only to multifunction, but also to keep up with growing kids, all the way into adulthood.


Made from three-ply panels to provide stability, the AZ doubles as a desk and as a magnetic chalkboard. It's simple design makes assembly easy, though it's not tool-free, and that ease comes as the expense of drawers. But Bouvet's ace in the hole is the adjustable height of the desk and the chair- as the user grows (or as another user swings by), just take things up a notch.

It's too bad that Bouvet didn't include an option to set up a standing desk, but if you want your kids to benefit from the health benefits of standing while working, just set it to the top height and let them go for it.

Check out the video of the desk's assembly process:

AZ desk concept from guillaume bouvet on Vimeo.


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