A Carbon Offset Where You Get More Than Just A Good Feeling

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You don't hear much about carbon offset programs anymore; There are a lot of reasons that they dropped below radar, (the last reference in TreeHugger appears to be 14 months ago and even then Mat started with an apology) but perhaps one reason is that they were intangible. The Belgrave Trust, an offsetter for the rich and famous, is taking a new approach. You can offset carbon and get something to show for it: "Limited edition products designed and built by New York area artisans, often from repurposed materials and locally sourced."

belgrave carbon offset image

The objects range from a $10 sticker for your mac, where they purchase offsets calculated to account for your computer's entire lifecycle, to a $160 LED lamp designed by artist Jason Griffin, that comes complete with offsets for lighting and office equipment for a year.

The objects are made from recycled and repurposed materials; the dry-erase board is made from scrap polycarbonate found in an architectural salvage yard.

The genesis of this line was in a simple idea: match environmentally responsible methods with an artist's eye for design -- aiming to inspire a wider conversation about sustainable living.

It is an interesting idea that might breathe a little bit of life into the tired carbon offset world. More at the Belgrave Trust
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