A Brief History of Modern Gingerbread Design

Creativeroom competition 2008

My favourite entry in the 2008 CreativeRoom gingerbread competition was definitely 2001: A Gingerbread Odyssey by the Amazing Alphabet People's Coalition.

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Creativeroom 2009

This year, I think East Side Design and Solus Decor's Earthship Lollipop gets the nod.

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Green Gingerbread House Smackdown: HOK Enters the Fray

But when it comes to getting it right, few gingerbread projects can top HOK Toronto's effort. It is multifamily, it has licorice rainwater barrels, a jelly bean green roof, gumdrop wind turbines, a sparkly ground source heat pump and chocovoltaic panels.

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Wretched Excess Dept

And we should never forget the wretched excess that went on in the past years, such as April Reed's model of the Farnsworth House. She is wedding cake maker to the stars and the hedgies, with cakes starting at a thousand dollars. Since lately her Madoff-investing clientèle is as deep under water as the Farnsworth House was recently, she has branched out from pillbox hats into architecture.

However even fans as rabid as us balked at the $ 4,320 price, notwithstanding the fact that 15% of the price was being donated to help restore the house.

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