A Brief History of Modern Gingerbread Design


Hometta is a collaborative of designers, architects, builders, writers and editors who have banded together to rethink and improve the way gingerbread architecture is designed today. They have produced their first modernist prefab panellized model, and are offering it free of charge as a PDF download in the interest of spreading the word about good green modern gingerbread design. More at Hometta.

But they are not the first out of the gate in the stock modern gingerbread plan or prefab world; we round up some of the successes and failures in this difficult business.

Will Alsop


A lot of well-known architects have tried their hand at the medium of gingerbread; three years ago Will Alsop showed some of his trademark flair in a Toronto competition of Modern Prefab Gingerbread Houses.

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Michelle Kaufmann's Ginger Lotus

michelle-kaufmann gingerbread house

Always a pioneer, Michelle Kaufmann introduced the Ginger Lotus in 2007, a modest downloadable design, tasteful and restrained.

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Michelle Kaufmann Designs McMansion Gingerbread


Alas, by 2008 she had succumbed to the McMansion trends and presented the GingerSolaire. As we noted, a green icing roof and chocovoltaic panels do not a green gingerbread house make. We expected more. Or should I say, less.

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Midcentury Modern Gingerbread House

red envelope house

One mass-produced design came from the Clayton Homes of gingerbread, Red Envelope. They cranked out this charming modernist gem for $176 per square foot, which is pretty cheap for good modern design. Like many prefabs, delivery is extra.

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Designer European Gingerbread Houses


Of course, they have been years ahead in Europe when it comes to prefab. Germany's Sauerbruch Hutton created this passivgingerhaus that generates more calories than it uses.

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