A Belt Becomes The Most Minimal of Minimalist Chairs

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Image via Vitra

Talk about trimming down on materials used for chairs and seating. Designer Alejandro Aravena took a piece of old know-how - simply using a strap wrapped around your knees and back and using that to balance weight - and designed a fancier version to use as a simplified chair. And the best part is you don't have to actually buy anything to use this idea, but in this particular case, you might want to. Called "Chairless", the design is a strap of sturdy fabric - kind of like a canvas belt or yoga strap - that loops around your back and knees to support them so your stomach muscles don't have to. It's perfect for when you're sitting in the park, at a festival, or other locations.

chairless image
Image via Vitra

The first batch of the straps has already sold out, though more are available in June for €20. Why would you buy one of these if you can just use a rope, a belt, a yoga strap, a scarf, or anything else that can be tied around you quickly and easily?

Vitra donates part of the proceeds from the sales of Chairless to support the Foundation for Paraguayan Indian Communities, a non-profit dedicated to securing land as a livelihood for the indigenous population of Paraguay.

For that reason, and that reason only, we could see why someone would want to purchase this specific product. But for the most part...there's a simpler, free solution to the same problem of sitting down.

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