99K House Begins Construction

99khouse perspective photo

It was a neat idea: a competition to design a simple, economical 1400 square foot house that will "use sustainable building practices and materials with a special concern for affordability, longevity, energy savings benefits, and appropriateness for the hot, humid Houston climate" for less than US$99,000. It was sponsored by the Rice Design Alliance and the AIA Houston Chapter. Jurors included TreeHugger faves Rocio Romero and David Lake. And the winners are: Robert Humble, Joel Egan, Brian Spencer, Owen Richards, Tom Mulica and Kate Cudney with Hybrid/ORA of Seattle, Washington.

99khouse axo photo

The winners note on their board: The compact form and core creates a home that easily adapts to the needs of the cocupants and site. The stacked plan accommodates 1 to 4 bedroom and converts easily to two 600 SF duplex unites. The compact envelope reduces first costs and energy consumption.

99khouse exterior photo

The four square plan, screen porch , front to back circulation and horizontal slat siding reflect the vernacular housing of the region, provide shade and allow for natural cross ventilation.

99K house plans photo

::99K House via Designboom; see the other entries at ::Jetson Green

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