84 Recycled PET Bottles to Make ECOALF Cabin Trolley

ECOALF cabin trolley made from recycled PET bottles IMAGE

Here is something that is 100% recycled, but doesn’t look it. ECOALF is the new fabric developed by the Spanish company fun&basics;, made from recycled PET bottles. It is a high quality textile: flexible, tension resistant, long lasting, waterproof and lightweight. The first bags made from ECOALF are a toilet bag, a small bag, a cabin trolley and a large, wheeled luggage bag. The fun thing about them is the visualisation of the recycled bottles. Each bag tells you exactly how many 75cl PET plastic bottles were needed to make it. The graphical representation is a clever way for marketing purposes and also very informative and awareness raising. The eco-action translates into numbers. For each meter of ECOALF fabric, 147 cm wide, 70 75cl bottles of PET have been saved from the dump and virgin resources spared. For the big bag, 148 bottles were required to make its fabric, whereas the small bag used up 83, and the toilet bag 17. ECOALF is 100% recycled and recyclable, as well as PVC-free.

So far the bags are only available in fun&basics; shops in Spain but more versions as well as different products are on the way. The first series was awarded a honourable mention in the 2009 Award for Design for Recycling by the Catalan Government. We hope to see all the fun&basics; products made from eco-friendly material in the future, because right now, ECOALF products are the only green ones by this company, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? We like the design of these; they are definitely very practical as well as good looking and most of all long lasting. ::ECOALF
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