8 Weird (and Somehow Cool) Things from Reclaimed Puma Trainers

Design Reusing Puma Trainers Remade in Chile Photo

Seems like Chilean designers are really embracing the reuse culture and taking it to whole new levels. After discovering some really cool boots from plastic bags and a set of clothes with (yes) cigarette butts reuse from Chilean creators, now we stumbled upon these eight weird but somehow attractive products from reclaimed Puma trainers.

Keep reading to find out more and for large, great pictures (there's even a blender!).These products are the result of a contest held by Remade in Chile (one of the southern branches of Remade in Italy) and Puma.

The contest was oriented to design students and consisted on creating products reusing discarded Puma materials: sample trainers (only one of the pair) and old promotion materials.

The competition took place in November, and the products were exhibited from November 27 until December 4 at the Design Faculty of the Diego Portales University.

Among the results there are a sort of puma toy, flower pots, a lamp, a dress, and accessories like masks. Even though not the most useful products in the world, the selected designs show creative ways to reuse trainers, which can act like inspiration for new items with this material.

Here are the finalist products from the contest:

Lamp from Reclaimed Puma Trainers Remade Chile Photo

Lamp made with reclaimed trainers. First Prize.
Dress from Reclaimed Puma Trainers and Advertising Materials Photo

The dress from trainers and discarded advertising materials looks awesome (especially the corsette). Second Prize.
Bugs from Reclaimed Puma Trainers Photo

Bugs from trainers (one of the weird ones). Third Prize.
Cubes from Reclaimed Puma Trainers Photo

Cubes from trainers.
Masks from Reclaimed Puma Trainers Photo

A set of maks from trainers. Weird but somehow cool.
Flower Pots from Puma Trainers Photo

Trainers as flower pots.
Puma Toy from Recycled Trainers Photo

A puma toy from trainers looks very well done.
Reclaimed Puma Trainers Photo

This one is probably the weirdest: is that a blender from trainers?

For more on the contest and the designers, contact Remade in Chile.

Via Remade in Chile

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