"70's Futurist" Artist Turned Green Architect/Planner

ROGER DEAN, an album cover and poster artist who's work gained fame in the 1970's, "has designed a house for the new millennium: artistically beautiful, environmentally kind, but cheap and quick to build. It began as a college project to design a child's bed and grew into a radically new form of architecture for a world awakening to the damage done by post-war housing and office development".
Imagine if Salvadore Dali had decided to go into architecture and community development! This TreeHugger thinks that Rock Music leads to a better bathroom, like this portotype of Dean's design, shown in night view.

Roger Dean's Willow village concept seems a fascinating expansion into the mixed use village concept now so popular with real estate developers in the US.

From the Dean Website: -- "Restaurants, shops, school, sports facilities, health spa and a hotel are all part of the infrastructure. There will also be a bio-dome maintaining a constant temperature so villagers can grow their own produce right through the winter as well as a recreational area with a chlorine free pool for children and adults. There will be the latest 'living machine' technology for dealing with waste. Advanced smart house technology and the very latest alternative energy to generate the power requirements. All designed to provide improvements to the quality of life for all the community".
"The curvilinear nature of Dean's buildings utilises new and unconventional construction techniques, including the use of sprayed gunnite cement, rarely used for domestic dwellings but ideal for this type of earth sheltered architecture".

Un-tinted Gunnite cement is commonly used to make outdoor zoo displays, industrial tanks, wastewater lagoons, waterparks, and below ground swimming pools. Its basically sprayed concrete that can go on any surface type, sticking uniformly and well to most any shape. The curvilinear gunnite covered building has high potential to stand up to natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and hurricances. Perfect for Tornado Alley or coastal areas threatened by tropical storms.

by: John Laumer