7 Ways Fixing Building Construction Will Slash Greenhouse Gas Emissions

5. Design Like They Did Before Air Conditioning


Air conditioning is almost always electric, and and a lot of our electricity comes from fossil fuels. The hottest days of the year are when the electrical load is highest, and we are going to get more of them.

People used to design with cross ventilation, plant vines, trees for shade, be careful how they cook and even dress differently. We can learn from them.

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6. Reoccupy the Rust Belt

All that infrastructure. Lots of water, rail, canals, temperate climate, hydroelectric power, gorgeous buildings waiting to be fixed. So many people followed the sun to places with none of the above. What would it take to bring people back? Economist Ryan Avent thinks it is doable:

If enough people of a certain productive potential move to Detroit, then Detroit will begin exercising an attractive force. In response to the growing population of people, supportive infrastructure will grow up. Employers will follow or start-up from among the migrants. Consumption options reflecting migrant taste will appear. And eventually the whole show will become self-sustaining.

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7. Architecture 2030 Or Bust

Architecture 2030

The Architecture 2030 challenge is simple: Reduce fossil fuel use by new and existing buildings by 50% immediately and keep cranking the standards:

60% in 2010
70% in 2015
80% in 2020
90% in 2025
Carbon-neutral in 2030 (using no fossil fuel GHG emitting energy to operate).

These targets may be accomplished by implementing innovative sustainable design strategies, generating on-site renewable power and/or purchasing (20% maximum) renewable energy and/or certified renewable energy credits.

Write it into the codes. Make it the law.

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