7 Steps in the Lifecyle of a Green Product


Back in 2004, Ray Anderson, founder of Interface and all-around sustainability smart guy, said, "No one should be claiming sustainable products. There is no such thing yet in terms of zero footprint. What you can do is demonstrate reduced footprint." Metropolis magazine notes "This remains true today -- and yet the dizzying array of new efforts boggles the mind. There is no shortage of products claiming the green mantle. So how do we mark this vast but imperfect moment?"

Borrowing from the Okala Design Guide, Metropolis has attempted to answer this question, and they've done a good job. Recognizing that there is no perfect product, no absolute sustainable design, 7 Steps in the Lifecycle of a Green Product is meant to be "a set of best practices, and a possible road map for a new model of twenty-first-century manufacturing." Worth reading at ::Metropolis via ::Core77