6 Great Wooden Flat-Pack Designs Spotted at Valencia Design Week (Photos)

valencia design week flat pack photo

The Desmon chair by Oriol Barri. Photo Credit: Petz Scholtus.

At the Valencia Design Week I spotted quite a few new flat-pack ideas, of which a surprising number were made of wood. My favourite are Mr Simon's chairs that fold away into a table to save space.

1. Mr Simon's chairs fold away into a table

Mr simon foldable chairs in valencia photo

Designer Mr Simon at the Valencia Design Week. Photo Credit: Petz Scholtus

Several folding chairs form a table when stored away. I particularly like the way they used the wood and textile, and printed the chairs to create one solid piece when stacked together.

2. Foldable Ladder by Company Company

foldable ladder by company company photo
Photo Credit: Petz Scholtus

Designed by Neus Company, this beautiful wooden ladder folds its steps to be stored away easier.

3. Screw-less Seat by Öri Design

Designer Oriol Barri with his chair Desmon. Photo Credit: Petz Scholtus

Oriol Barri designed the Desmon seat so that it can be assembled without glue or screws. The weight of the person sitting on it gives it strength.

4. Folda By Ham&Cheese;

Fold by ham&cheese photo
Photo Credit: Petz Scholtus

The same designers who created the Sonno slow alarm clock thought up this sophisticated solid wood set of table and chairs. The chairs fit into each other similar to Russian dolls when not in use and the table folds out as well.

5. An office-in-a-box by Haus Design

haus design at nude salon in valencia photo
Haus Design at Salon Nude. Photo Credit: Petz Scholtus These Valencia-based designers created a worktable with desk lamp and chair that fits into a flat box (see image above) with handles to carry it home.

6. Fast Lamp by Ana de la Cruz López

Fast Lamp by ana delacruz photo

Flat-pack and ready in a second as ceiling, floor or table lamp.

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