6 Prototypes With Interesting Uses For Bamboo and Silk From Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires Metropolitan Design Center recently organized a workshop to encourage local designers to explore the possibilities of bamboo and artisan silk as materials.

Its aim was to "develop new projects through experimentation and investigation of materials contemplating the whole value chain."

Exhibited at the latest edition of Casa FOA, the resulting designs had some interesting uses of the materials. Designer Graciela Cipriani made a rocking chair with reclaimed wood covered with weaved rough silk. Joaquin Parodi and Alejandra Olivera created an unusual sort of chaise longue with weaved bamboo strips (above). Gabriela Antenzon, Analia Ruiz and Rodrigo Garcia combined a solid base of bamboo with a tangled surface for a chair.

Paula Visconti created a silk lamp, and Tamara Lisenberg made jewelry which mixes bamboo with silver.

Although only prototypes, it's good to see the use of these natural, renewable materials spreading in the country.

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6 Prototypes With Interesting Uses For Bamboo and Silk From Buenos Aires
Cool chaise longe, rocking chair, lamp, massage accessory and jewelry from bamboo and artisan silk by Argentine designers.

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