5IVE: Diary of a LEED Platinum Home


Jeff Gallo of Minneapolis is trying to build a green house. The zoning bylaws were no help, but after a quick redesign by John Dwyer of Shelter Architecture he is on his way and intermittently blogs it for our viewing pleasure.

The walls are Thermomass , a form of Structural Insulated Panel developed by Dow Chemical; it is a sandwich two layers of concrete with a styrofoam filling. Yum.


I have not seen this system before but it looks interesting. Neither styrofoam nor concrete are particularly green materials, but this is an R30 wall with no thermal bridging and very little waste that looks to be a very efficient use of material.


The house is built with FSC lumber and they have tried to deal with the issues of PVC, Radon, and green heating systems. They have tried to go formaldehyde free, but I suspect those manufactured joists in the roof are the usual particle board. I wish there was more on the blog and look forward to seeing the finished product. 5IVE- Diary of a LEED Platinum Home via ::Future House Now