5 Mini Fridge Freezer Combos for Small Kitchens


Photo credit Danby.

As with ovens, so with fridges -- manufacturers make smaller models, but seemingly not with the tiny home in mind.

Most small fridges are meant for dorm rooms or dens, and emphasize in their designs ice and cold drinks rather than practical needs, great design, or a smaller footprint. For Graham Hill's LifeEdited apartment renovation project in Manhattan, a full fridge and freezer combo is the desirable option -- here are the models we found that also (mostly) give a nod to energy efficiency.

Have a better way to solve the need for full-featured appliances with a small footprint for the efficient small kitchen? Let us know in comments.

1. Danby DCR326BSL

Tiny Fridge By Danby photo

The Danby Two Door. Photo credit: Danby.

The Danby DCR326BSL is one of the few stainless finish, fridge and freezer combos that truly fulfill the specs for Graham's 420 square foot apartment.

The total height of the fridge/freezer can't exceed 36", which means a stubby combo unit, two drawers or two separate units. Ideally, more fridge than freezer space is required, which makes the Danby one of the most suitable.

Pros: The price is right on this small unit, and the look is not offensive. Energy Star listed.

Cons: The capacity of this fridge is not great, but not too bad at 3.1 cubic feet.

Price: Around $249.

2. Summit BI540

Tiny Fridge Summit BI540 photo
The Summit BI540. Photo credit: Summit.Summit has a few choices that might work -- this BI540 is under 36" high, and Graham can have the door painted in any color or with a stainless steel finish.Pros: This unit will easily blend with Graham's final choice in cabinets and countertops, and has nice generous capacity -- 5.3 cubic feet.Cons: The freezer is likely just a bit too small to be practical for everyday living.Price: Around $730.

3. Summit CP3ADA

Tiny Fridge Summit CP3ADA photo
The Summit CP3ADA. Photo credit: Summit.While the Summit CP3ADA doesn't thrill in looks, and has only 2.9 cubic feet of capacity, it does have a slightly better balance of space between fridge and freezer.Pros: Fits the height spec, and balances freezer and fridge capacity. Also Energy Star rated.Cons: White only.Price: Around $550.

4. Vitrifrigo C180RFX

Tiny Fridge Vitrifrigo photo
The Vitrigo C180RFX. Photo credit: Vitrifrigo.Here's another option that might be the way to go to get the space Graham wants for entertaining. Made for boats, this Vitrifrigo C180RFX has great capacity -- 5.5 cubic feet.Pros: The capacity rocks; it's available in stainless; and it looks sleek.Cons: Freezer would have to be purchased (and take up equal space) separately; it's not Energy Star-compliant and the price is hefty.Price: Around $2,045.

5. Kitchen Aid Double Drawer KDDC2R4VS

small Fridge Kitchen Aid photo
The Kitchen Aid KDDC24RVS. Photo credit: Choicesil..A drawer fridge/freezer wasn't Graham's first choice, but this one by Kitchen Aid has good capacity and deep drawers, and may be the solution needed to accommodate everyday living and entertaining. It's available in a stainless finish.Pros: The Kitchen Aid KDDC24RVS has 5.1 cubic feet of capacity and is Energy Star compliant.Cons: Expensive, and may be too much freezer and too little fridge.Price: Around $2,350.Like this story? Follow A.K. Streeter on Twitter.More on LifeEdited:
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5 Mini Fridge Freezer Combos for Small Kitchens
As with ovens, so with fridges -- manufacturers make smaller models, but seemingly not with the tiny home in mind.

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