4 Seasons Table Group: Classically Modern Design


Designer Rick Lee's homage to the cycle of the year, the 4 Seasons table groups offers a playful, artistic takes on the four seasons. Each table is a different height and shape, to replicate the growing cycles of the year, and features an accompanying CNC (computer numerically controlled)-cut shape: buds in spring; growing leaves in summer; fallen leaves in fall and barren branches in the winter. Lee gets two green thumbs up for materials and manufacturing; bamboo plywood and CNC routing (whereby the design is drawn up and locked in with a computer, which controls the router and (theoretically) creates it without mistakes; it also allows for more efficient use of wood, since offcuts can be minimized with the design) make for a green, poetic, dare we say melodious experience. We think Vivaldi would approve. Get up close and personal with each design after the jump. ::Rick Lee Design via ::PadStyle









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