3rd Annual Coolest Smallest Apartment Contest


We always say that the key to sustainability is living with less, and that good design is the key to doing it happily and comfortably. As proof, we turn to Apartment Therapy, which runs a competition with prizes from Design within Reach, for the smallest, coolest apartments. Maximum size is 650 square feet and the contestants have to have designed it themselves, though as an architect I have learned that the client designed every house I did that turned out well and I designed every one that was a bust. Last year the winner popped out at you- David and Im's onespace was just spectacular. (it is in Dwell Magazine this month, coverage coming soon) This year nothing quite has the instant wow. I have looked at them all and like Eric and Ammo's 390 square foot Hollywood studio apartment with its very obvious bed in the living room, no pretence of grandeur here, but l like the furniture and the scrabble wall. Gregs west village modern has great furniture and is truly over the top, and Victor and Soeun built a great loft bed with office and storage under. But nothing jumps out and hits me over the head. Go and vote at::Apartment Therapy


Greg has great furniture but it is a bit cluttered for my tastes


here is a nice loft


victor's loft bed

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