3Fold Desk From Formtank

3fold desk photo 1

The designers tell us that "Environmental Design is on Formtanks' agenda and we're looking towards a more sustainable approach to business. With this in mind the 2d3d Group attempts to produce "more from less" through a simple proposition; utilise a single sheet of steel in the most efficient way."

So they cut this intricate and stunning base out of a single sheet, which is then "then hand formed and immaculately finished by experienced engineers."

3fold desk photo 2

One can attack its enviro-cred by noting that it is made of probably 500 pounds of steel, but one can't deny that this kind of thinking leads to more efficient use of materials, is on the cutting edge of what we mean when we talk about downloadable designs or dematerialization of design. Watch the great animation at ::Formtank

When Ponoko outlets or stores like Unto this Last are in every community, this is the kind of product, designed internationally but produced locally, that will be part of our lives. via NotCot

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