350 Square Foot Apartment is "The Bohemian Dream"


Piotr Redlinski for The New York Times

TreeHugger loves the idea of small spaces; the New York Times shows a particularly lovely apartment in Greenwich Village that packs a lot into just 350 square feet. They write:

As floor plans go, there isn't much: one medium-size room; a galley kitchen tucked behind a wall; a bathroom; and, in lieu of a bedroom, a sleeping loft up a ladder from the living area, under the sloping roof.

But what a difference design makes.

The apartment may be one room, but it is flooded with light and has high ceilings lined with exposed beams. The walls are painted a crisp white, creating what she [tenant Mary Biosic] aptly called a "light box" effect.

Really, if you are single and in New York City, how much space do you really need? They should put these on every rooftop.

A previous occupant notes some problems, like baking in the summer and a lack of privacy. More pictures in the New York Times

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