3 Leaf Tower with Central Wind Turbine

The UK's Marks Barfield Architects, famous for the London Eye, now propose the Skyhouse, "a fresh look at residential tower high-rise in response to London’s current housing crisis. The challenge of how to develop high density housing that people want to live in and that is sustainable."

The three leaf design channels wind into the center of the complex, where what looks like vertical axis wind turbine up the center of the building generates electricity to power all of the common areas.

"A single Skyhouse development could provide between 240-500 homes with concierges for added security and convenience, and to actively promote a sense of community. Communal recreation spaces are incorporated into the tower to enhance the quality of life and community spirit and include skygardens, skypools, gyms and creches" .[nurseries] ::Marks Barfield Architects via ::architectnophilia