2012 Olympic Stamps Issued to Celebrate Games

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Make your snail mail look great: it's one year to the start of the 2012 Olympic Games and Royal Mail is issuing a set of ten beautiful stamps to celebrate the countdown.

British stamps don't just show the Queen's profile--they cover the whole range from endangered species to the best of British design. And now the Olympics.

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Photo: afp photo/royalmail

Entitled 'Get ready for 2012', classic Olympic sports such as volleyball and gymnastics are included as well as more recent additions such as triathlon, handball and wheelchair rugby. There have been two previous sets issued already, in 2009 and 2010.

With thirty in total, they have been designed by thirty different artists. The number thirty marks the fact that this is the 30th Olympiad, and also represents every sport in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It's not that easy commissioning stamps. Photographs of living people aren't allowed; only the Queen. Plus you have to match the right person with the right sport so that they can interpret it well. Then they all have to be images that would fit onto a small stamp-size piece of paper. So the detail has to be clean and clear and simple.


Photo: afp photo/royalmail

The stamps in the series depict both the Olympics and the Paralympics. All stamps in the series feature either the London 2012 Olympic Games or Paralympic Games logo. The Paralympic sports depicted are sailing, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis.

A little piece of Royal Mail trivia: Her Majesty the Queen approves all British stamp designs before they are printed.

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