2010 Imperative: Changing Design Schools


Ed Mazria, at architecture2030 said "in our professional architecture and planning schools, we should require the establishment of a mandatory, full-year, innovative, studio-based program which promotes creative problem-solving relevant to climate change." Now he has pushed the schedule forward: Next Tuesday, he has organized the 2010 Imperative. He notes that "To successfully impact global warming and world resource depletion, it is imperative that ecological literacy become a central tenet of design education. Yet today, the interdependent relationship between ecology and design is virtually absent in many professional curricula."

Speakers at this three and a half hour virtual teach-in include Dr. James Hansen of NASA, Edward Mazria of Architecture2030, Chris Luebkeman of Arup, and Susan Szenasy of Metropolis. Over 500,000 students and professionals have signed up already and schools are being encouraged to cancel or move conflicting classes. We will be watching! ::2010Imperative.