2008 AR Awards Announced

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The Architectural Review awards for Emerging Architecture have been released and I like the winners a lot. This competition doesn't go after the big, highly visible projects but is "Intended to bring wider international recognition to a talented new generation of architects and designers," in a profession that is usually the country for old men. I was thrilled that one of my favourite projects on TreeHugger this year, Alberto Mozó's temporary building for BIP Computers in Santiago, Chile, was one of the three winners. It was in two posts: Design for Deconstruction by Alberto Mozó and Stair of the Week: Alberto Mozó's Demountable Spiral

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Like the rest of the building, it is made from sustainably harvested timber, and pieces are fabricated to be identical and interchangeable.

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Anna Heringer won the prize two years ago for a school in Bangladesh; (AR Awards: Handmade School) and does it again with

three individual homes created by the HOMEmade project, and a mixed- use education facility (the DESI building), all of which use local materials, labour and aspiration. Mud and bamboo are the local materials, available at minimal cost, neither involving energy-expensive manufacturing processes. The buildings are two-storey, a 100 per cent intensification of site use, minimising the amount of land currently being taken out of
agricultural production.

india herringer house interior

See a pdf of the project here


Emiliano López & Mónica Rivera Arquitectos won for their hotel in Navarre, Spain, EMILIANO LÓPEZ & MÓNICA RIVERA ARQUITECTOS">PDF Here.


We have complained before that they don't make it easy; entries can only be seen by clicking on an endless series of PDFs. Perhaps AR and gang should have a competition website design competition. AR Awards for Emerging Architecture via Designboom
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Rammed Earth House from AR Awards
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