20 Tips for Living in Small Spaces


TreeHugger likes to promote living large in small spaces and doing more with less in a minimum space for maximum living; having less space means hoarding less stuff, using fewer resources and maximizing the functionality of what we can fit. Shari, the proprietor of the blog My So-Called Japanese Life, knows (and lives by) these ideas all too well; as a Westerner living in Japan, she's had to adjust her lifestyle to match up with the way things work on the small island nation, not least of which is living in a small apartment.

The experience has been enlightening, it seems, and, among other things, has yielded some pretty good advice about living in small spaces; between this list of 20 tips and this list of 10 tips, there's something that everyone can learn about maximizing space efficiency and making smart choices about what you surround yourself with in your home.

To the regular TreeHugger reader, the lists serve to reinforce ideas about the utility of transformer furniture, and that less is more; for those uninitiated with these ideals, there's lots to be learned. ::20 Tips for Living in Small Spaces via ::Apartment Therapy: Los Angeles

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