18 Resources For Preparing and Responding to Hurricanes

natural disaster response image

The greenest building is the one already standing, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation has compiled a terrific list of documents for homes, businesses and governments on how to prepare for disasters and how to react to them.


Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House after the flood

Old buildings are particularly at risk in disasters, simply because there often isn't the expertise to fix them, and the tendency is to simply knock them down. "In many cases, local communities don't fully understand the historic resources they stand to lose until it is too late--structures are wiped away, details and artifacts are irreparably damaged, integrity is forever compromised."

Perhaps the most relevant document:
Hurricane Preparedness: Are You Ready? (North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources) A quick guide to preparing your home for an impending hurricane.

See the complete list of documents at the National Trust for Historic Preservation; the resource page for hurricanes alone has 18 different resources.