16 Revolutionary Green Ideas From the Milan Furniture Fair (Slideshow)

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Photo: via Nendo.

The best thing about the world's biggest contemporary furniture fair, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, which wrapped up last week in Milan, is arguably not the fair itself, but SaloneSatellite, highlighting young talent, and all of the events and exhibitions held simultaneously throughout the city packed to the rafters with design-enthusiasts. Often, Milan is where it begins, where the best-of-the-best showcase their talent, and where the manufacturers discover the new green ideas and send them to your living room.

Stroll down a small via, gelato in hand, and you can easily find yourself discovering wild and innovative green design prototypes and production pieces ranging from a lamp made out of cow dung, a motion-sensitive LED chandelier fabricated from recycled PET bottles, a chair guaranteed to last 300 years, or glowing inflatable furniture made of recycled materials. At least, I did.

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16 Potentially World-changing Green Ideas From the 2009 Milan Furniture Fair Slideshow

Green Furniture milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile slideshow

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