15,000 Corks Reused for Wine Store Decor

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15,000 Reused Corks on the Wall
Take one down, pass it around, fourteen thousand nine hundred and ninety nine corks . . . Okay, so it's not as catchy as its beer-bottle song brethren—but give it time. Such a song could come in handy one day, especially if you're on a road trip that's approximately 150 times as long as one where "99 Bottles of Beer" would normally suffice.

Anyhow, the inspiration from my soon-to-be classic road trip anthem comes from Frankly Wines in New York City, where 15,000 corks are in display across an entire wall in a very cool reuse project.
The wall is 6 by 8 feet—it's a tiny, 350 square foot store—and it's covered in thousands of corks pulled from wine bottles all over the country. Christy Frank, the owner of the shop, used some corks from her own bottles of wine, but she also tracked down bags of used corks for cheap online at sites like EBay. The result is an aesthetically appealing, and very apropos décor that lends great character to her shop. It took roughly 30 man hours to install all the corks on the wall.

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The corks even encourage a hands-on element to her store—some of her patrons have gotten into the habit of writing quick notes and initials on the walled in corks. Pretty great way to recycle wine corks indeed.

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