15 Years, 15 Stories: Seeds of a Green Revolution

My bike and I are off to Boston for the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, to see eight hundred exhibitors, dozens of speakers ranging from Archbishop Desmond Tutu to Van Jones and Bill McKibben, with Bill Clinton thrown in. It's huge, and every hotel room in Boston is booked.

Yet 15 years ago it might have been held in a phone booth; the green building movement was tiny and disorganized. There were no standards for green buildings, no rating systems, no LEED. Now the US Green Building Council has marked the 15 years since its founding with a series of videos, starting with Do We Have the Will, shown above.
Chapter 2: seeds of a revolution

And More:
Daniel Wallach, Greensburg Green Town, Mainstreet Heroes
Building Momentum
Martha Jane Murray, New Orleans, Leave No One Behind
The Urgency of Change: How far, how fast?
Linda Cato, Imago Dei Middle School, The Green Schoolhouse
Sustainability within a Generation

I will attempt to live-blog the convention Wednesday and Thursday. via Jetson Green

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