12 Ways To Use Shipping Containers As Offices, Housing and Art

Neat Little Shipping Container Prefab Built in Bangkok

Thai designer Chutayaves Sinthuphan of Site-Specific first made a splash in these pages with a demonstration project at a home show; now they show us a neat little one-bedroom house built from two 20 foot containers designed for hot, humid climates.

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Shipping Container Home Prototype in Buenos Aires

How much do we love shipping container houses? They're built inside recycled structures, encourage people to live with less and let's face it: they look cool.

Here's a new prototype from Buenos Aires, built for the interior design exhibition Casa FOA. Basic on the outside, creative on the inside.

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CircuitBox: Transformer Furniture in a Shipping Container

There isn't a lot of room inside a shipping container to accommodate different functions, so Italian designers Studio X Design Group came up with a way of sliding elements in and out according to the needs of the moment.

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West Coast Green 2009: Instant Housing for Disaster Relief Fits In A Shipping Container (Video)

This year's West Coast Green showhome is a special one, on display in public for the first time. The timing, really, couldn't have been more appropriate considering the horrible news streaming in about massive earthquakes happening globally. It is a shipping container disaster relief house from Green Horizon, carefully engineered to be incredibly simple to deliver, fast to set up, and self-sustaining.

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Shipping Containers + Milk Crates = Cratehouse

Given our love of shipping containers and creative reuse, it is suprising that we missed the work of german artists Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt, who have been building with crates and containers since 1992. This one was built in Castleford in Crate Britain in 2006.

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Recycled Shipping Container Becomes Art

Old shipping containers have been recycled for housing frequently, but here's a new use: this one has become an art gallery. CABIN/ET is an old container, perched on four specially made cast iron pedestals and sitting quietly in a corner of a square in the east end of London.

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