12 Post-Apocalypse Floating Cities and Homes: From Crazy Concepts to Reality (Slideshow)

Embassy Of Drowned Nations Concept Photo

Embassy Of Drowned Nations Concept. Photo: Oculus.

Nobody really knows how much the planet will warm up in the following years and what the consequences will be. But the growing number of natural disasters in 2010, and the recent wave of animal deaths sure made many of us think about an apocalypse.

The fact is, sea levels are rising: While some architects and scientists are designing for a better future inland, others are wondering if we should be prepared to live on the water.

What will our floating cities look like? Here's a tour of current concepts and ideas, from the craziest to the possible to the existing projects.

12 Post apocalypse Floating Cities And Homes: From Crazy Concepts To reality Slideshow

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