11 Eco Upholstery Textiles Revolutionizing the Global Market

8. Q Collection

Photo via Q Collection

In addition to sustainable baby furniture, eco-conscious firm Q collection has a line of residential and contract textiles meeting rigorous eco criteria. All fabric is completely free of toxic finishes or treatments and designed to be 100 percent biodegradable, incorporating natural materials like abaca (banana plant stalk), bamboo, hemp, linen, organic cotton, and wool. Dyes are 100 percent non toxic and wool-based textiles are produced at a mill that generates cleaner water than what entered and recycles scraps as mulch.

9. Mezzanine From Luna Textiles

Mezzanine. Photo via Luna Textiles

San Francisco-based Luna Textiles taps an innovative material developed in collaboration with MBDC and the Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency (EPEA): Eco Intelligent polyester. Released with much acclaim in 2001, this Cradle to Cradle MBDC Gold-certified product is the first polyester produced and dyed with all environmentally safe ingredients.

We love that it can be recycled without hazardous byproducts at the end of its lifecycle, but perhaps the most important innovation is a new catalyst that replaces the heavy metal antimony, a known carcinogen. Luna's Mezzanine and Plaza--launched in 2007 in collaboration with Victor Innovatex--are made of 100 percent Eco Intelligent polyester.

10. Across 465964 From Maharam

Across 465964. Photo via Maharam

Across 465964 seating upholstery from textile manufacturer Maharam is made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester. The firm has several textiles containing some or all recycled content, as well as a few designed to be easily biodegradable.

11. Slinkee and MoodRing From Haworth

Photo left: Moodring. Photo right: Slinkee. Photos via Haworth Furniture manufacturer Haworth's dedication to green includes a LEED certified office and LEED certified showrooms, in addition to sustainably designed furniture and textiles. The manufacturer has 10 textiles it designates green, and five of them--including Moodring and Slinkee--are made of 100 percent recycled polyester. Wuhl is made of 100 percent wool, and therefore easily biodegradable.

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11 Eco Upholstery Textiles Revolutionizing the Global Market
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