11 Buildings Wrapped in Gorgeous Green and Living Walls

Ann Demeulemeester's Store in Seoul by Mass Studies

Designed by Korean-based architecture firm Mass Studies, this four-level structure is a grassy oasis of nature in an otherwise gray and dense city. The perennials (clover, says one source) are planted into something Mass Studies bills a "geo-textile." According to Pavingexpert.com, these are "woven, non-woven or knitted, permeable sheets, usually, but not exclusively, non-biodegradable." More at Undulating Living Facade at Seoul Shop

Oulu by Evangeline Dennie

Named for the cultural epicenter of northern Finland, Oulu adds a shock of green to Williamsburg's bricks and asphalt. Unlike the other bars in the torrent that's hit the neighborhood, Oulu features a living facade and a thoroughly green design. More at Interview: Oulu's Designer, Evangeline Dennie

Topiade by Gas Design Group for Louis Vuitton

Gas Design Group, made up of Gregory Polleta and Sung Yang, with Clino Castelli, have designed Topiade, an "overlay facade," for existing Louis Vuitton stores.

It appears to be a new kind of intermixing of living walls with topiary. This is wonderful because everything Louis Vuitton does gets knocked off instantly. Soon all of Canal Street in New York, Spadina Avenue in Toronto, countless cheap shopping streets around the world will sport green living facades. More at Topiade by Gas Design Group for Louis Vuitton

Sao Paulo Office Building With Green Walls by Triptyque

Triptyque has built an office building in Sao Paulo that proudly wears its services on the exterior with a very industrial aesthetic, but is also full of planted "pores", complete with a misting system. They write:

"Like a living body, the building breathes, sweats and modifies itself, transcending its inertia. The walls are thick and covered externally by a vegetal layer that works like the skin of the structure. This dense wall is made of an organic concrete that has pores, where several plant species grow, giving the facades a unique look." More at Sao Paulo Office Building With Green Walls by Triptyque

Parabienta Green Wall from Shimizu

Shimizu, one of Japan's great construction dynasties with Minoru Industries, has developed a rather interesting one that looks good and seems relatively affordable at 80,000 yen per square metre, about 80 bucks per square foot. This "wall surface afforestation system" (parabienta) is light, can be designed in different patterns and grids, and cools the building significantly. More at Parabienta Green Wall from Shimizu

Living walls clean the air, humidify and provide oxygen. ELT, noted before for their exterior living walls and roofs, has introduced pre-packaged sets of systems so that you can grow your own. ELT Indoor Living Wall Kits

TreeHugger just can’t get enough of verdant architecture, whether it’s green roofs from Chicago to China, or living walls. However while we’ve been concentrating on greening the exterior surfaces of buildings, the German company Indoor Landscaping have taken their grass inside. They describe their work as ‘a connection between man, enclosed spaces and open nature... Nature should become tangible for people even within buildings, our plants change with the seasons, they age within the architecture enhanced in character and charm. More at Indoor Landscaping – Growing Green Inside

Grass Your Wall, by Ustatic

How about a green air-purifying grass wall in your apartment? Believe it or not, it’s possible without having a mess thank to these grass panels from Argentinean company Ustatic. The “Wall Grass” is a system of grass rectangular panels, which function with a structural substrate, a humidity retainer substrate with small conducts that warrantee the homogeneous distribution of water in the entire surface, and a basement formed by the grass’ roots, which add support. More at Grass Your Wall, by Ustatic
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