100K House From Postgreen Wins LEED Project of the Year

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I thought we were being edgy when we gave Interface Studio Architects the Best Residential Architect Award as part of Best of Green this year, but I could not help but love the 100K house. Evidently neither could the US Green Building Council; they have awarded it the 2010 project of the year.

100k House chad nic photo

Nic and Chad, who I had the pleasure of meeting at Greenbuild last week

Nic Darling and Chad Ludeman of Postgreen describe their strategy in the LEED Award citation:

Our Goal: Build a LEED home for less than $100 per square foot in hard construction costs (labor and materials).

Strategy: Wherever possible we reduced complexity and finish level until we had a very clean, modern, simple home. Then we focused on those areas of green building where we saw the most value . . . location, site and energy efficiency.

Result: An 1,150 SF LEED Platinum home built for just under $100 per SF. So far this home has exceeded expectations in energy use and occupant comfort.

Congratulations to the USGBC for proving that LEED is not just about counting points; no doubt there were lots of bigger, jazzier houses that would have got a lot more coverage. But few single family houses by a for-profit real estate developer are more interesting and important than this one. It is green, it is affordable, and on an appropriate site; as Nic and Chad say in the brief: " We believe that reusing land in a dense, transit oriented neighborhood is a prerequisite to sustainable development."

Postgreen is a different kind of real estate developer; where most run splashy full page newspaper ads, Nic writes about their marketing:

Most of our marketing to date has been developed in an environment of austerity. The budget for our efforts resembles a teenager's weekly allowance if that teenager were relatively unliked by his benefactors.

But they are moving into the big leagues now; people are going to notice this.

Congratulations to Nic Darling and Chad Ludeman for this award and for all of their work, as shown on TreeHugger here:
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