10,000 Buildings Now Certified Under LEED. That's Amazing.

live oak resource center

Live Oak Family Resource Center in Santa Cruz, California, via Inhabitat

When you go Greenbuild, you can always tell who works for the US Green Building Council, which runs LEED; the architects and builders are in jeans, and the USGBC people are in sharp, very professional suits. From their office design to their wardrobes, Rick Fedrizzi and the USGBC have done everything they could to make green building safe for corporate America, and to make it a Birkenstock and poncho and treehugger-free zone. And they have succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams and expectations; they just announced that 10,000 buildings have been certified under the LEED program.

Rick Fedrizzi, President of the USGBC, continues to push the corporate agenda in the press release:

"Business leaders around the globe are using LEED to design, build, maintain and operate their buildings.....Ten thousand commercial certified buildings stand as a powerful example that a strong triple bottom line translates to real, tangible success."

I used to complain about this; when they did their offices I said "It is too bad that they didn't push the envelope a bit more." I would gripe that they could use a bit more treehugging and a little less spreadsheeting. LEED is not perfect and there are many who have been critical of it, including me.

But looking back at 10 years and an incredible 10,000 buildings, one can only admire the strategy and the execution. Fedrizzi continues:

We've just scratched the surface of what's possible in the green building field," added Fedrizzi. "In 10 short years, we've fundamentally changed how we construct and operate buildings and communities, and during that time LEED has continued to evolve, pushing sustainable building practice forward with each evolution. But there's much more to do. The market continues to embrace LEED as the leadership standard it was meant to be and our kids deserve the outcomes that green buildings contribute to their future.

Indeed. I can only say congratulations on this remarkable milestone.

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