100-Year-Old House Becomes Green Super Home (Video)

seattle home green retrofit photo

Image credit: Peak Moment TV

When Lloyd wrote about a conversion of a Victorian home to PassivHaus standards, he noted that it was almost like building a house within a house. Bonnie's subsequent tour of this Victorian PassivHaus affirmed both the incredible amount of work it took to green such an old home, and the stunning success of the end result. Now Peak Moment TV have paid a visit to a turn-of-the-century home in Seattle that has also undergone a major green renovation. What would it take to get every old home so green?

From exterior insulation to reclaimed kitchen cabinetry, solar installer and house builder Jim Bristow of Bristow Enterprises is clearly another believer in Lloyd's mantra that older homes can be taught new tricks.

And while there is an impressive array of solar on the roof, Bristow has also followed the important principle that efficiency should come before energy generation—reducing his home's electricity usage to 12.5 kWh per day, compared to 40 - 45kWh for a similar home in the neighborhood.

It's impressive stuff, and it just goes to show that you don't have to rip an old home down to make it much more green. But you do have to do some work.

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