100% Windpower Paper

Strathmore, long a staple of art students everywhere, is producing a new line of sketch, drawing, and bristol paper made with 100% windpower. Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc., which owns Strathmore, has been using windpower to meet its paper mills' energy needs for some time—according to Mohawk, 38% of their power is derived from windpower—but the Windpower series from Strathmore is the first line of paper created in the U.S. using windpower exclusively.

Not that you can really tell, as there is no trade-off in paper functionality, appearance, quality, or price. Instead, the benefits are essentially invisible: Mohawk's use of windpower in conjunction with recycled fiber has resulted in 13 million lbs. of toxic air emissions not generated (CO2, SO2 and NOX), 8,581 barrels of crude oil or 1,960 tons of coal not used, 14.5 million miles not driven in one year, 94,500 trees not cut down, and 40 million gallons of water/wastewater flow not generated. Not bad! [Written by: Dave Chiu]