100%: Sophisticated Simplicity, Almost Sustainable


Hironao Tsuboi, half of 100%, the Japanese design duo responsible for the thought-provoking near miss Lamp/Lamp, has some pretty interesting things to say about design in an interview with PingMag. Among the tastier nuggets are his thoughts about what makes good design: the "timeless products [that] won’t get thrown away or get rusty, since they are here to stay. That would be good design."

Though 100%'s work isn't super-sustainable, we do like their penchant for creating thought-provoking designs and the spot-on mix of function and simplicity. They clearly have the necessary faculties for producing some really quality, sustainable designs, with a few close calls (like the bamboo-shaped fluorescent tube light -- cool!) so far. C'mon, guys, you can do it! ::100% via ::PingMag

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