100 Designers Each Create a Wooden Toy Car

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Don't waste these cars on your children: line them up on the shelf in your living room. One hundred designers each created a wooden toy car out of cedar, and what a wonderful collection they make.

Organized by an Italian father who wanted something lasting and meaningful for his children, Matteo Ragni came up with the idea of 100%tobeus. Everyone has a secret idea of the toy car that they would like to create. So he asked 100 famous Italian designers to each make a car out of one block of wood.

Duilio Forte 3CV

This became the basis for the show of all of them at the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia in Milan, Italy.

The remit was simple: each designer had to create the car out of a one size block of wood and they had to be entirely handmade. The wood was cedar of Lebanon: a dense and long-lasting wood with an aromatic smell which is supposed to ward off moths. The wheels are made of mahogany, a wood with a nice grain. No paints were used.

Let's see what the (mostly) men came up with.

BarberOsgerby Three.Two.One

Barber & Osgerby: these boys are everywhere: fresh from designing the Olympic torch, here they are making toys. "Three.Two.One is designed to adapt to the three stages of childhood. A young child can play with the car by pushing it along. As the child grows, a balloon can be attached which can be inflated and released to create a self-propelled car. Finally, the car can be transformed into a racing car by adding a rocket engine to it. These adaptations allow the car to be kept by the same individual as they grow, until it’s time to pass it on to the next generation."

Fernando and Humberto Campana Untitled

The Campana brothers are TreeHugger favourites: "The peculiar shape of the toy brings a unique aerodynamic profile and the sensation of increased movement when you are playing with it. This car also offers the possibility to imagine and experience again the world of a child."

Karim Rashid TobeK

Rashid explains: "What a fun project, and after designing about 10 little cars that were impossible to make, I developed this simpler funky icon car that can take the cut out icons and play with them as separate toys, and reverse them in the car so the car looks like it is exploding with iconic globalove."

Marcel Wanders Journey of a Cedar

Another TreeHugger favourite (he's Dutch, but don't tell): "A journey from a tree to a car and back to a tree again".

Miriam Mirri Bed&Breakfast

Leave it to a woman to have cookies on her toy: "Un vassoio sulla macchina per spostare alcuni oggetti, un dono o una tazza di cioccolata, per portare in salvo un animale o per sollevare i personaggi preferiti che possono continuare indisturbati i loro discorsi più importanti."

(According to Google translation: A tray on the machine to move some objects, a gift or a cup of hot chocolate, to rescue an animal or to raise the favorite characters that can continue undisturbed their most important speeches.)

Hani Rashid 4 Romulus and Remus

Memories of Rome.

Carlo Contin Vrooooooom

"Bisognerebbe tornare più spesso a guardare con gli occhi di un bambino." (You should come back often to see through the eyes of a child.)

100 Designers Each Create a Wooden Toy Car
These are too cute for children; 100 adorable wooden toy cars, each by a different designer.

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