100% Design London: Showcase of Canadian Talent

Design Exchange Flyer Image

Design Exchange Flyer Featuring Canadian Artists at 100% Design London.

We met Pablo Pineda Willis in Toronto this winter while he was still a student and was displaying his chair at the Interior Design Show with his fellow craftsmen from Sheridan College. We were impressed that he sought us out to look at his green design. Colin also wrote about Pablo's various designs this year.

Now his work is being showcased at 100% Design this week in the UK capital along with other impressive Canadian designers. He told us in Toronto that he uses domestic and responsibly harvested wood. He elaborates on his website that he also uses glues that are non-toxic and water-based and wherever possible Pablo uses natural oils or water based lacquers and finishes. He boldly states, "My furniture is green."

Caitlina Chair by Pablo Pineda Image

Caitlina Chair by Pablo Pineda Willis.

Tomorrow at 100% Design London there will be a networking reception hosted by the Canadian Design Exchange to showcase top Canuck talent. If you are able to attend you can check out not only Pablo and his Caitlina chair, but an array of other designers from my home and native land whom we also saw at the Interior Design Show. You can get a little sneak peak in the flyer image above.

Not all of them claim green design or sustainable materials. However, Emil Design Studio (see their Quarto table below blown up from the flyer) does produce their pieces "in an environmentally sensitive manner, using sustainable materials as much as possible and eco-friendly finishes." They also say that "the eco-conscious design of Quarto employs earth-friendly materials and finishes from the first cut to the last polish for visual and environmental impact."

Quarto Table by Emil Design Studio Image

Quarto Square Table: Copyright Emil Design Studio Ltd.

The great thing about these Canadian designers is that they are all making the products in Canada. Keep an eye out for these talented designers.

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