100 Chairs in 100 Days

Martino Gamper has been constructing a chair a day and will continue to do so until he has made one hundred of them. Over a year and a half period, he collected a stockpile of discarded, dumped, and donated chairs from the streets of London. From this collection he has recycled, re-invented and reconstructed new chairs which are a mix of all the parts. Because he has set himself the challenge of completing one a day, he is working with speed and ingenuity. He says that it is like music; completely improvisational. Since he believes that "there is no perfect chair"; he is working with the idea of a chair and creating interesting combinations. The chairs combine the legs of one, the seat of another—some are quite witty, others quite ugly. He has chosen twenty nine of these chairs to be exhibited at the Design Museum. They are shown interspersed with 30 iconic chairs from the Museum's collection, from which he is drawing inspiration. Some pay homage to a particular designer, whilst others show new directions. :: Design Museum

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