10 Top Twitterers in Green Design

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Next up on the list of cool Twitterers to follow are those in green design. Click through to find out the top folks to follow to keep up on the latest in eco-friendly style. @Inhabitat; @JillFehr
Do we really need an intro to Inhabitat? You can find this stellar site and editor Jill Fehrenbacher twittering up some great ideas, info and links on green, sustainable design on a daily basis.

Core77 is also one of the heavy hitters in eco-friendly design, and you can catch industrial design news and ideas that are guaranteed to spark some creative flow.

Contemporary design and architecture comes at you from Mocoloco, whose Twitter feed features blog post updates as well as interesting bites of news from RTs.

If you like your style updates in handy squares, hit up NOTCOT's website. If you like it in 140 character lines with a little of the personal thrown in, hit them up on Twitter. But really, for the best effect, do both!

I.D. Magazine is just getting rocking and rolling on Twitter, so definitely check them out as tweets come along, so far at the rate of several per day.

Josh Spear is a big voice in the design community as a marketing strategist "on everything from design and gadgets to authenticity and word-of-mouth." Plus his tweets come at a rate that'll make your head spin.

You don't want to miss Cool Hunting when it comes to style and design. Tweets are loaded with links that guide you back to the Cool Hunting website, so think of the tweet stream as a great RSS.

Metropolis Magazine is a must read, and so is their Twitter stream. Both are chock full of cool design news and events.

Ponoko, oh Ponoko...there is no cooler place to find one of a kind things. They do it DIY style, and the tweets are everything you could want for staying up on great ideas for interesting accessories.

Emily Pilloton and her team of designer extraordinaries at Project H use creative design to work out solutions to sustainability problems. The tweet stream keeps you up to date on all the cool projects they have going on as they happen.

If you, someone you know, or someone you follow focuses on green tech and you think they should be listed, add 'em in the comments!

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