10 Fans That Don't Suck (Or Do They?...)


TreeHugger knows that fans make a lot of sense in both winter and summer; they can help circulate warm air in the winter, and keep cool air moving in the summer at a fraction of the cost of more heat or air conditioning. Now that summer is warming up, it's definitely fan season, and CNET has drummed up some pretty interesting fans whose looks will blow you away. Included in the list is a fan whose design is inspired by a jet engine (and looks like it might take flight itself), a portable job that cools wherever you go, and a belt-driven model whose settings ought to include "gale" and "hurricane". No matter which one you like best, they can all help cut your energy usage while keeping you cool this summer (or warm this winter). Paired with a Big Ass fan or Sycamore ceiling fan and you could have the perfect (energy-saving) storm. via ::CNET

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