Our neighbours just hired the 1-800-GOT-JUNK boys to clean out their house. This is the wildly successful franchise where clean-cut uniformed young hunks come and carry everything away to somewhere for a fixed price at a scheduled time. Not as cheap as calling Steptoe or Sanford and Son but a great business idea.

We saw one of the guys carry an old 19" CRT monitor down the front steps- and heave it from mid-landing, over the side of the truck. We heard it explode and assume that it spread broken glass and toxic chemicals over everything else in the box. Clearly it is going straight to the landfill.

Here is a business idea: 1-800-gotrecycled. (don't bother, I checked, I was going to sell it on Ebay). Our clean cut, organic cotton uniformed, worn again shod men and women will arrive in their biodiesel powered truck and remove your detritus carefully, with a pledge that everything goes to the appropriate spot for proper resale, freecycling or recycling and the minimum possible goes to a landfill. It is not as good as the 1-800, but the auction is on eBay for ::GotRecycled.com with all proceeds to Architecture for Humanity.

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