Zurich Fashion Label Invents Construction-Site Chic

Inspired by the neon safety vests worn by workers at construction sites, a new Swiss design label is taking the highly reflective material and trying to turn it into something that cyclists and other urban dwellers just might actually wear.

Under the motto "Show Yourself, Be Yourself, Be Visible," SputnikZurich co-founders Stefanie Sixt and Chelsea Morrissey recycle high-visibility clothing worn by construction workers into urban streetwear, including messenger bags and (at least in prototype form) simple, but bold, dresses.

Using The City As A Factory
The idea of increasing visibility runs throughout their concept for the label, which they say is designed, produced, and marketed in temporary container units placed at building sites throughout Zurich. (No word on how -- or if -- they get permission to do this from the city or the construction firms.)

. Prototype dress and bag designs.

Members of the public are invited to the design containers to "discuss and experiment with materials to create high-visibility innovations" that will then be made into real products, Sixt and Morrissey say on their website.

Increasing Street Visibility
By using bike couriers -- sporting SputnikZurich messenger bags, of course -- to move materials and finished goods between the three stages of its small-scale-manufacturing, SputnikZurich seeks to engage the whole city in the process and expose potential customers -- bicyclists and pedestrians -- to its products.

"Zurich's transportation system is a dense network of trams, buses, cars, mopeds, and bikes intertwining and overlapping with pedestrian routes," Sixt and Morrissey write. "Being seen on the street protects YOU and opens you up for social encounters."

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